Welcome to the Foot & Hand Spa

Richmond's Only Medical Spa That Focuses
On The Hands And Feet

Here’s what you can expect when you visit us:

  • Treatment by licensed, professional pedicurists who receive additional training on foot anatomy and diseases of the skin and nails
  • A Board Certified podiatrist who is onsite and oversees patient care
  • A clean facility that follows the same stringent sanitation and sterilization requirements as those set for hospitals
  • Only medical-grade skincare products
  • Customized services for people with special foot health needs, such as diabetics and people undergoing chemotherapy
  • Coordinated care with a medical professional, if needed
  • Great looking manicures and pedicures


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, infectious organisms thrive in warm, moist places, such as the footbath systems used in spas. At the Foot & Hand Spa, you can relax! We use EPA-registered disinfectants and our sanitation procedures meet or exceed OSHA standards (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).